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Linda Leonhart McCall's Fine Art Paintings

The Spectator - Oil


With a long history of working from observation, the images I choose to paint are abstracted representations of people, places, and events. The painting process begins with subjects that are most often the places I have visited in my travels. Dramatic passages of light and shadow are primary structural design elements that define space, however, the light and shadow also express symbolic associations that are personal to me often referencing good and evil; finding balance in life; and memories of past events and experiences. The light and shadow, the architectural spaces, and the subjects (the figures) then tell a story that emerges as the paintings evolve. By reducing figurative elements into simplified shapes of light and color along with dramatic lighting, the ambiguity of the space is enhanced to allow the atmosphere and figureative relationships to tell their emerging story; leaving interpretations open to the viewer.

- Linda Leonhart McCall

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