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Artist's Statement


The more recent paintings in this body of work strive for a sense of memory of a time, a place, and/or an event. A balance between figure and space becomes the dominant subject matter. In regard to space, the locations are often based on places I have visited all over the world. While some spaces may be suggestive of recognizable locations, I have no desire to replicate an exact place; only to evoke the feeling or memory of it, or an event or time. The anonymous figures and architectural spaces often evoke European and Latin American influences, yet, could exist anywhere. Figures in familiar places begin to suggest a story. They linger in shadows; are caught in quiet contemplation; or are simply occupied in their personal lives and relationships.

Beginning with a grid-like compositional balance, these paintings start off with a location in mind; an initial goal or idea. As figures, ambiguous shapes, and spaces emerge, the paintings begin to take on a life of their own, often departing from the original idea. Figures are added or are taken away and this is when the stories begin.

A newer focus: Contrasts have always been a dominant presence in my work as tonal ranges of dark to light were pushed to extreme. Color, now, is an added focus in this body of work in an effort to further heighten the sense of feeling and emotion. Adding to the focus on contrasts I look more at the distinctions of organic and linear forms as well as thin transparent layers of paint next to thicker opaque areas that both push and deny the sense of space adding to a sense of familiar ambiguity.  Striving for a greater sense of movement the figures press through static spaces filled with light and shadow amplifying the moments such as the feeling of glimpsing figures through bright sunlight; seeing figures that are there one moment and gone the next; or glimpsing forms out of the corner of the eye.  Pushing for greater contrasts while still trying to achieve a modicum of balance, these paintings seek a more dramatic sensibility of space, time, and content.


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